Jen at the Natural Life Yoga Retreat in Door County, WI.

Phillip Wong’s Testimonial , Raw Vegan Client.


“At first I thought I was going to be hungry if I ate nothing but plants! Then I was amazed of how delicious and satisfying it is! I got to eat real chocolate and lost 20lbs the first month! My hair would constantly fall when I brushed it, now i’ts so strong and it feels healthier. I don’t need coffee in the mornings anymore, I stopped eating so much through out the day. I have Ana’s green smoothie and get tons of energy from it! The dark spots on my face cleared up and according to my family I now “Glow“!  They also all enjoy her delicious recipes. “ Guadalupe Briceno, took Healthy Blossom’s six month program.

“Ana catered one of my events for a large party I was hosting.  I had never experienced vegan food until this night but I couldn’t believe at how amazing the food tasted!  I would hire her again!” – Tim Hargis, Founder of Clothing Cycle

Ana has an infectious personality and a warm, kind heart.  I always look forward to seeing what new recipe, health tip, or words of encouragement she has to share next!” – Natalie Melchiorre

“Your vegan tamales are better than the ones from professional tamale shops. Fresh, flavorful and incredibly delicious!”- Heather Francois, Founder of VegCo

I’ve known Ana for two years , I knew she was into healthy plant based diet but never really focused on it. Last summer I had an accident in which I broke three ribs and was unable to do much. Ana pretty much fed and mentored me through out the next months. One: I recovered  faster, Two: I lost a lot of weight by just sitting in the couch & eating healthy, Three: My skin cleared up and glowed. It was such a huge and positive change for me. Thanks Ana “ – Nora Chimal

“I was SO excited when I was introduced to your vegan tamales! Yours are the freshest and most delicious I’ve tasted and can’t wait for our next order!”- Michon Javelosa , Owner of Happy Tree Media


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