Cooking & Other Services

   ” Our Lives are not in the lap of the gods, but in the lap of our cooks” – Yin Lutang
Healthy Kitchen Makeovers:
  • Replacing! See what bad foods you have and learn how to replace them for healthy ones
  • Healthy Food Grocery Shopping! learn how to shop for healthier foods, read labels & save money
  • Healthy Cooking! I will teach you basic cooking& share recipes
  • Organization! organizing your fridge, how to properly store food & cook for a busy schedule.

Cooking Services:

  • three days worth of meals
  • one week worth of meals
  • Meal delivery to home and offices (ask for the menu!)
  • Catering for small parties and events!
  • Custom menu and grocery list will be made just for you!

Private Cooking Classes/lessons

  • A Menu for the Class will be made and sent to you before hand
  • Options include : different recipes, “style”, dets, etc.
  • Prices vary depending on number of students

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