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Hi blossom!

My name is Ana and I am the founder and health coach here at Healthy Blossom. I am a lover of life, real food, nature, love, adventures, expression, moon, flowers, and healing. I believe that eating mostly plants and real food can help each and every single one of us feel better in every way, yes even help us heal ( physically, mentally and even spiritually). I am a former student of Institute for Integrative Nutrition and current student of life! I love bringing in things from school, and my own life experiments (and my fun kitchen experiments) into Healthy Blossom to help share knowledge, love, and some darn good healthy food. If you will like to follow my personal blog where I share my crazy stories, life lessons, thoughts, affirmations and what not please go to http://www.bravely-me.com . Meanwhile, hop on over to the other pages on this site and enjoy  ❤

Blossom into love, health, and happiness,



One thought on “About

  1. Hi Ana,
    The past was not so easy for me. I´m looking for picture with the comment -you are not alone- and I found yours!!! It´s so nice thank a lot!!! Kristina

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