Mother Nature Knows Best

So the weather is changing, and here in Arizona we are very excited because that means no more triple digit weather. Like I have said in some of my previous posts, my diet always changes to the weather and location that I am in. I encourage you all to try it. Eat what’s in season. You see mother nature is never wrong. Our bodies need what she gives us during certain times of the year. For instance, as winter comes we get a great abundance of citrus. Guess what citrus do? they alkalize and have tons of vitamin C which as we all know boosts our immune system, therefore helps us prevent things like the flu and the colds . Oh geeze, what a coincidence! isn’t that the same time that as flu and cold season? Another great example is watermelon in the summer and spring. Notice how hydrating watermelon is, goes well with the summer heat doesn’t it? Mother nature knows best.

So, with that said. I now ask why most of us are eating pineapple or mangoes in the middle of the winter? specifically those living in the desert? …exactly.

I personally find that when I eat more seasonal and listen to my body I feel better overall. When I go Mexico, in the summer I tend to eat nothing but mangoes, coconuts (water and all ), salads, and strawberries. Yup, lots and lots of fruits, water, and raw fresh foods. What’s the best part? I actually lose weight from all those mangoes that I eat . As fall approaches I start to get very off balanced, my energy is weird, I even gain weight , that’s when I know it’s time to switch it up. I go back and reread some of my macrobiotic books. I start introducing some “heavier” whole grains to my body again like brown rice or millet. I start lightly sautéing local veggies, eating more fermented foods  and drinking more tea. Guess what? I feel a lot more balanced already!

Made my first batch of  pickles! Local cucumbers, umeboshi plum vinegar, cayenne, &water. (recipe from The Kind Diet by Alicia Silverstone)

 Quinoa, mushrooms,  local zuchinni, purslane, & mexican sauce made from peppers&tomatoes.

I encourage you all to try to listen to your body as the weather changes. Don’t force all that water that you drink during the triple digits if it’s cooler out and you are less thirsty. Craving a warm soup, tea , or organic coffee? go for it. I am not asking to stop eating all the raw food either,a gain listen to your body! Balance is the key. I still have my big salad, or green smoothie when I feel I need it. Remember to still eat your greens whether it’s in a smoothie, salad, in miso soup, or healthy burritos.  Greens are year-long you will just find that there will be more of a certain type depending on the season and location.

To find out what’s seasonal near you check out this website .

Lot’s of love, & like always, Blossom into Health & Happiness,


PS: Don’t forget to chew well! Especially if you are going to eat whole grains!


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