Detoxifying Fruity Tea

I seriously discovered this amazing blend 5 minutes ago. This has so far my FAVORITE Yogi tea ! I have had 3 different flavors of their detox formula (non that I liked enough to have with some dairy free milk) . I have been drinking it like crazy lately but today is cloudy, I have been in my kitchen all morning and figured I finally had a warm creamy tea. I added some unsweetened almond milk ( I usually make my own but this brand or Fresh& Easy brand are my personal favorites) & some raw honey ( use a sweetener that won’t change the taste much like xylitol or stevia) .

WOAH, It tasted like Fruit Loops(yes the cereal!) Maybe it’s just my taste buds but I promise it is delicious! It reminded me of that cereal so much I needed some crunch in it so I added some white chia seeds to it .

mmm… so good. Well enjoy loves ❤ off to make another one! xo


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