Beautiful Changes

 I feel its been forever since I last blogged.So many amazing things are happening in my life and I mean ACTUALLY  happening! Ever since I stepped my foot down and decided that I was going to make things happen and follow my heart 110% of the way,  my reality completely shifted. I keep meeting amazing people, I am attracting what I need, magical things are happening in my life , and yes I say magical because it really is like magic! So, I am here thinking when did all these things start happening for me? Where did this all come from?  It’s so amazing to me that I have been having the best days of my life, attracting things I never thought possible and I am so very grateful for it all. When I think about it, it really did start happening since my last personal blog. When I seriously decided that I was going to break the cycle that I was in, when I decided that enough was enough , that I NEEDED to make things happen and armed with the knowledge of what I wanted to do- I decided I was going to go out there with no limitations,  no whining, without being a victim. I wanted to wake up every morning feeling this is what I am meant to do and keep moving towards that amazing bright energy. Ever since then, my life has been magical. The signs I have been receiving, the people I have been meeting, the way I have been feeling , all of it. My friends, it is true what they say, (they’re not just some cheesy quotes that you keep seeing) it is simple: You DO create your reality, YOU attract what you truly want , YOU are the creator of your life and destiny. You can’t just sit and wait there for things to get better, you must get out there and do it yourself! If nothing happens the first day or month DON’T give up! Learn from your falls, if it doesn’t work one way try another but don’t ever give up on your dreams and heart.

 ” Every step is an accomplishment, Every fall is a lesson, either way I am improving “

So, here are 3 things that I have learned recently that I just felt I need to share with you all. These three things can either save you pain or help you stay inspired and make things happen for you because it sure helped me! ❤

    “Be honest with yourself and you will be honest with the world “

We are sometimes in situations where we think it’s okay to lie or not stand up for ourselves. We sweep things under the rug and say  “ it will get better or it will change”. We ignore the HUGE deep feeling in our heart and gut that is telling us to do the opposite. That, my friends, is not being honest with yourself. This leads to regrets, to pain, to hurting other people. The moment you decide to be honest with yourself and with what you are truly feeling about a certain situation,  you can be honest with others and say  “You know what? thit is not okay with me ”. You save yourself pain for later. There is no reason why we should be out there lying to ourselves and each other that just leads to a life full of heartache and pain. So start now and ask yourself  ”Do I really want this career or am I doing it just to make my parents proud?”, “Do I honestly want to get back with that person?”, “Do I honestly want that job?”

      “You are really not alone!”

After everything I have learned,  the experiences I’ve had, and well, pretty much living life a different way- I started paying attention to how I felt around certain people and things. I feel SO out-of-place when I am out with people my age. When do I happen to go out to a party, I’m usually surrounded by people who only have 3 things in their minds : drugs, sex, and partying. SO not my thing. I look at people in a very crazy way when I see them chugging down a monster energy drink, with a shot of god knows what type of alcohol, followed by a can of beer.  “Do they have ANY idea what that’s doing to their kidneys and PH level?!” ( yes I actually do think that lol ). I am still sometimes called a grandma just because I like to get my 8 hours of sleep, work out, and eat healthy. So, for a long while I isolated myself from the “normal real world”. I stuck to book stores, hung out at health food stores, the mountains, my room, my kitchen and the internet. If I hung out with people, it would be my health coach classmates or lunch with my older friends. Not that I mind, (I still don’t mind and they know I love them dearly and I always have fun with them) but, you know, I am 20.  I should be out there socializing, still relaxing sometimes, having fun and maybe open a few minds at the same time.. I still felt alone sometimes, I still sometimes wanted to, you know, connect more with my peers, have fun and  balance both worlds out. Eventually, I started meeting people my age that were actually cool. They weren’t into health and healing, but in a way our energies were the same. This was when I knew it wasn’t about meeting and surrounding yourself with people who are doing exactly what you are doing, but meeting different people doing different things and still wanting to do one thing- bettering the world. Some may do marketing, others help people heal through food, some help you find your dream job and passion, while others help you grow a successful business with love. It’s about being part of a community. A community that is going to help our world become a better place one project at a time and in different ways. You are never truly alone.  There are people out there on the same plane as you are. You just have to truly open your mind and heart to it. We often think that it is better to not be out there in the real world that we live in so we don’t have to deal with “normal” or typical people, but the truth is, that is exactly what we need to be doing. Getting out there, touching lives, opening minds, and sharing the light that we want to share!

Remember blossoming souls, there are always others out there on a jouney too, remember to stay true to your self, follow your heart, keep reaching for your dreams and for what calls you. Things will come your way to etiher teach you a lesson, help you grow, or enlighten your path ❤


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