My new love

Yup I fell in love with figs. For years I have seen my parents eat them right off my aunts tree and just like dates they looked gross . I never had dates because when I was little I compared them to cockroaches (the look) and same thing with figs, there was NO way I was going to try that weird-looking so-called fruit! I guess thoughts from our childhood always stay with us and just like I tell people when it comes to greens :  ” Stop being scared of the color green! We are not 5  years old anymore!” Same thing when it comes to trying out new food, don’t judge it on looks!

Anyways , my mom brought back a big bag full of figs the other day from an aunt’s house, the pink color in them looked so pretty! I had to give them a try plus they are in season and they are a local fruit. So I had my first fig and fell completely in love!

Theyre not so sweet when eaten fresh, they have a this very fresh taste to them, not too sweet, not as squishy as I thought they would be either. They had a tiny bit of crunch to them because of the tiny seeds almost like chia seeds.

I later dehydrated a couple of them and just like any fruit that gets dehydrated they get a lot sweeter! Just like the fig cookies.


Ok so some benefits of figs :

  • Good levels of B vitamins
  • just like other berries they contain their good amounts of antioxidants!
  • Rich in minerals like calcium, iron, potassium, zinc and manganese.
  • Good source of fiber
  • and for those who still count calories Figs are a low cal fruit

How I eat them : I am still new to this delicious fruit so I am experimenting with it but I love them fresh I eat a big bowl of them for breakfast (mono eating), dried for snacking, in smoothies , and will be trying my own cookies soon!

here is a delicious creamy smoothie I made , enjoy 😀


  • Almond Milk ( or dairy alternative of your choice)
  • 4 figs ( I used 3 fresh 1 dried)
  • 1 or 2 frozen banana
  • cinnamon ( as much as you want )

Blend all and enjoy !<3


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