My thing with Yoga

The first time I heard of yoga was 3 years ago in anatomy class. The thing that caught my attention about yoga was not the amazing physical benefits but the spiritual side of it. So I flirted with yoga for a couple of months and felt great ! not necessarily spiritually but mostly physically I could finally touch my toes!

Trough out the years I have noticed a big difference between the times I practice yoga and when I don’t. Physically I am a lot more …ninja like. Better balanced, I feel I pay more attention to things like details, I am not so clumsy ( I am catching things before they fall to the floor lol), and oh yes I also feel STRONG. I could weigh lift for two weeks , 5x a week and I wont be able to do a push ups or arm balances (crow pose) . After doing yoga three days in a row I am balancing on my arms and closer to doing a push up, weird.

Now my favorite part of yoga, the weird thing is I have noticed yoga always comes into my life during certain times. When there is big changes going on with me . During my last break up I started practicing yoga in my own in my room. One night after an intense session I sat on the floor catching my breath, and out of no where tears started rolling down my cheeks. All I could think of was him, our relationship and how much he has helped me grow and becoming the person I am today. It wasn’t like I was crying because of the breakup I was crying because I felt so much love, gratitude, and relief in a way. I felt I had let go of all the bad things I was feeling about the breakup and about the relationship.

See, my thing with yoga is very special, Yoga is always there to help me out whether I feel lost, heart broke, angry, stiff, sore, or weak. Yoga helps me find myself, my true self , my strong, loving, patient, happy, grateful, talkative, creative, self.

My tips for starters:

  • Start slowly, if you’re not use to stretching trust me you can hurt yourself and will be sore 🙂
  • If you are going into yoga for spiritual and calming reason I do not recommend practicing yoga at your gym’s yoga class. Most teachers are teaching the workout part of it & can be rough!
  • Check out tons of books, videos and or classes at an actual yoga studio!
  • If you’re going to try it at home make sure it is a quite private place of yours. I like my room just because I love the energy in there (I live in a house with 4 other people so I find my room to be my place). I clear out clutter, open up the window, place my mat facing the window, maybe light up a candle or incense, and put on music so I won’t hear the noise outside my room . I love listening to “Helios” station on Pandora, its relaxing, has a good beat to it for yoga as well.

For the last year , have been looking into schools to practice and become a teacher to help others find their thing with yoga as well.  Something about it is just calling my name 😀

Also I am announcing that  I will be part of  Natural Life Yoga Retreat  with my beautiful friend Brianne Spans aka YogaMamma who is an amazing yoga teacher in Chicago. This retreat is all about finding your true self and connecting back with nature. By connecting with nature we don’t mean loving nature and rolling around in the grass and hugging trees , no. We mean getting back in touch with your self, learn how to heal with natural foods and yoga. obviously there will be a lot of yoga going on, nutrition classes by me, recipes, food samples, an I have mention it is by a lake? For more information on the retreat Click Here


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